zerotier 修改身份ID, 即my address

If you would like to clear or reset ZeroTier’s address on a device (the 10-digit address node ID) or you have cloned a device and you want to prevent it from using the same address, follow these instructions:

如果你要重置,你的id, 即10位的my address ID,

  1. Stop the service.停止服务
    1. On Windows this is done with the service manager. (Open the Start Menu and start typing “service”) windows平台上,在服务管理中把服务停止。
    2. On Mac you can open a terminal and use Stop Mac Service sudo launchctl unload  /Library/LaunchDaemons/苹果上运行上面命令在终端中。 停止服务
    3. On Linux this is usually sudo systemctl stop zerotier-oneorsudo service zerotier-one stop #linux服上运行如下命令停止服务
  2. Delete the files identity.public and identity.secret from ZeroTier’s working directory. 删除安装止录或服务目录中的两个加密对。
    1. On Windows this is usually "\ProgramData\ZeroTier\One".
    2. On Mac this is "/Library/Application Support/ZeroTier/One".
      1. in your terminal, type open /Library/Application Support/ZeroTier/One to open the folder in Finder.
    3. On Linux this is usually "/var/lib/zerotier-one".
  3. Restart the service 重启动服务
    1. starting via the service manager on Windows
    2. On Macsudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/
    3. On Linuxsudo systemctl start zerotier-oneorsudo service zerotier-one start

When started without identities ZeroTier will generate new ones. 

You will need to authorize this new identity on any networks.